Review of Menghai Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea 2016 - Monkey Year

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I really loved this raw pu-erh. I found it to be floral and fruity, with notes reminiscent of lichee, apricot, and peaches. It was lightly tangy and an astringency came on pretty quickly when brewing it at higher temperatures. But, when I lowered the temperature and brewed at 90C, it held out for longer without becoming too astringent. You can definitely taste the youth in this one. But, in this case, it doesn't feel like a bad thing. I detected no bitterness and the astringency could be diminished with a different brewing style. So, while it had all the good traits I'd want in a raw pu-erh to age, I also find it really suitable for drinking right now.

Also, please don't let the comments from the main site be off-putting. I'm really not sure why this company sometimes says that a tea would be 'suitable for females.' I can only guess that it's a cultural thing that doesn't really translate well. This is a good tea, regardless of your chromosomes.

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