Review of Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

8 of 104 of 53 of 578 of 100

To me, this tasted a lot like the FooJoy Tung Ting oolong, but with notes of milk, cream, and at times, almost a custard, that came and went. The floral notes were very similar, like gardenia. I did enjoy those milky notes, but they didn't stick around long. They were present for the first steeping, but were largely in the background after that, sometimes barely present. The floral notes really came to the forefront, at which point, it was hard to tell that it was a 'milk' oolong at all. I was a bit disappointed by this.

It was a nice tasting experience, but it was a bit too complex for daily drinking. It also didn't endure much with the milky notes, so I don't feel very drawn back to it. It seems like this lack of endurance for the milky notes is pretty normal. Still, I'd be curious about trying others to see if I could find one where it sticks around for longer.

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