Review of Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea

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I was very surprised by the flavor of this tea. It reminds me of yellow tea in that it has a sweet flavor like corn and sweet peas. But, at the same time, it also has citrus notes — mostly lime, but some traces of lemon. I found it very refreshing. There was no bitterness and little to no astringency, even after several brewings.

The leaves are very large, so they didn't fit in my 4 oz gaiwan without breaking them in half. I didn't mind this and they still looked beautiful when brewing them. But, I think there would've been more of a show to watch if I had brewed them in a glass teapot or mug.

Keep this in mind when ordering this tea. It is delicious, but the presentation is also part of it. Some of the leaves in the sample I got were a little more than 10 cm/4 in long.

I would purchase this tea again, though I don't think it would be something I drink daily. I think it would be good on a summer day because the citrus notes are cooling, or in a summer evening because the sweet notes are just lightly warming. It doesn't feel like a tea I'd reach for in autumn or winter, though. It's too light.

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