Review of Scottish Breakfast Leaf Tea

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The aroma of this was unique. It was much smoother than other black teas I've tried (including English and Irish Breakfast teas). The flavor was pretty good, though it really seems to want for milk, cream, or non-dairy milk, as it seemed to be missing something to drink it alone. There was only a bit of bitterness and astringency at the end of the cup, which could be completely explained by the bits of tea that got through when I strained it.

The reason I rated it lower was because it left me in an awful mood. It was like night and day. I felt pretty good, I'd just come in from doing a lot of yard work, I'd gotten a lot of fresh air. Then, I had a cup of this and I just felt awful. There was nothing else coinciding with that mood shift. Maybe there's some contaminant on the leaves like a pollutant or pesticide (this is a blend from India and Africa, and regulations are different there, so it's certainly possible). It was a very strange experience. I'd like to try this again (when I'm feeling brave), just to make sure. But, until then, I'm setting this aside. It's just too strange and negative of a reaction for me to feel good about it.

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