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It's my impression that this is very heavily caffeinated. I know that there's this mistaken impression that white teas contain almost no caffeine, but this just isn't true. Not only is there an article with citations here on RateTea which says that isn't true, there is an article on the Oregon State University site, which numerous citations, which says: "Buds and young tea leaves have been found to contain higher levels of caffeine than older leaves (15), suggesting that the caffeine content of some white teas may be slightly higher than that of green teas (16)." (http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/food-beverages/tea) This definitely feels like it's the case with this tea! I had two 4 oz cups and I am white-knuckle-grip WIRED. The tea itself tasted and smelled pretty good, but this is a really uncomfortable sensation. I got electrocuted once when trying to put a cover back on a socket and this feels remarkably similar, except the electrocution subsided more quickly, whereas this just keeps going and going...and going...O.O

The scent and flavor is very reminiscent of apricots. There's a note that's about halfway between dried leaves and woodiness. I'd say that the woodiness is a stem-like note as opposed to a woody note like something you'd encounter in a home improvement store in the section where you buy planks of wood. The brew was golden under one light and a brownish amber under another. The wet leaves were light green, tan, and mid-brown. The scent of them was much like apricots, with just a touch of dry leaves and that woody/stem note. The flavor wasn't so much a flavor as a presence in the mouth. If you're familiar with floral "flavors," you'll know what I mean. You can drink them and your tongue doesn't feel much, but then when you breathe in and out, it's like you're inhaling flowers. With this one, it wasn't floral, it was more of a leafy, apricot breath. It was mostly in the mouth and less in the throat. Sometimes I get a tingling sensation in my throat from white teas, and I did from this one, but it was very slight (I was happy about that because if it's more intense, it tickles and becomes very bothersome and makes me cough).

Overall, I can pretty safely say that I probably won't be touching this again for another ten years, during which time I'll be hoping that the caffeine ages into oblivion so that this could no longer be described as capable of waking the dead. But, for now, this is just too much for me. I don't like feeling wired.

:: Brewing Details ::

Amount: ~1 1/2 T
Instrument: 4 oz gaiwan
Rinse: yes
Water Temperature: 90ÂșC
Time: 25 seconds, 35 seconds...

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