Review of San Mateo Air Dried Loose Yerba Mate

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To me, this tastes like what would happen if I steeped leather and tobacco in boiling water. Needless to say, it's not the most desirable tea experience — particularly for someone like myself, who really doesn't like tobacco. This doesn't give me any strange, tingling sensation on my tongue like the smoked yerba mate does, which is good. But, I liked the flavor of the smoked yerba mate a lot more. It didn't taste as strongly like tobacco or leather — it was more subtle. But, I really couldn't stand the tongue tingling sensation. I'd love to see if there's some mix or a way to cut through this San Mateo version — maybe something to mix it with or a different way of preparing it. Because, as is, I can't see myself drinking this again. That said, I don't think the typical routes (using sweetener or milk) would work for this. The flavor is just too strong.

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