Review of Spring Reserve Laoshan Green Tea

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I was really impressed with this when I was trying it in a sample pack. I got a lot of brews out of it, it had a lot of really nice savory notes (nutty, umami, mineral/salty, etc.). But, then when I purchased it in a larger amount, it didn't have nearly as much flavor. I stored it in the same way I've stored teas from other vendors, and that tea from other vendors didn't diminish in quality at all so I know it wasn't my storage methods. But, it was really obvious that the quality was considerably lower. I got about half as many brews out of it, the flavor wasn't as strong, the scent of the dry leaves wasn't as strong. I found myself using twice as much tea when brewing it, but still not getting as many brews out of it as with the tea from the sample pack. It was really disappointing. I mean, I've gotten green tea from supermarkets that I've been able to brew more times than this (seriously) — and at a much lower cost. I really don't know what the issue was, but considering how lacking it ended up being, I really can't recommend this.

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