Review of Spring Laoshan Green Tea (2017)

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I didn't try a sample pack of this one before ordering the larger 25g bags, because it was less expensive, so it wasn't a big deal to just order the bigger bags. Well, after trying it, I could see why it was less expensive. I got almost no brews out of this. It's really low-quality tea. Even taking into account the fact that it is one of the lowest-priced teas from this vendor, the price is still too much. Because, there's really nothing to it. I've had teas that I've brewed five times from other vendors that still have more flavor in them than this had the first time. (I'm not kidding.) I tried using twice as much tea as normal and still, I got such little out of it. The notes are okay but not as good as the Spring Reserve Laoshan Green Tea (which also has serious issues with a lack of flavor strength). So, this one really isn't worth trying in my experience. There are better teas out there, with more flavor, and which last longer, for a much lower cost.

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