Review of Fengqing Da Xue Shan (Big Snow Mountain) (2016)

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I've never had a tea as mouthwatering as this one and the bitterness which prompts it is really quite reasonable and consistent even after brewing it numerous times. It has a light, pleasant sweetness. But, really most of the presence is in a light thrust of bitterness at the start of a sip, which causes my mouth to water a lot. There's a bit of astringency later, after brewing it numerous times. But, it's still much less astringency than I've gotten after brewing loose green tea a small handful of times. There's a light, gentle sweetness that's almost fruity. You can smell it in the dry leaves. It feels like that aspect will develop after it's had a chance to age more. Right now, it's just a year old, but I still find it quite enjoyable. It can be a bit abrasive on the tongue and throat if you drink it too often (for example, for several days in a row), so please be careful with that. It certainly does have that raw pu-erh abrasiveness that we're often warned about. But, that said, it goes down a lot more easily and more enjoyably than others I've had which were twice its age. The mouthwatering effect is very pleasant and the lightly sweet/bitter combination is truly delicious to me.

I'd definitely recommend this one to people who enjoy lightly bitter teas and who might be curious to try aging a raw pu-erh cake. I'd also recommend it to anyone who is curious about this mouthwatering effect which it has. I've tried numerous teas and this is the first time I've encountered such a strong effect. It's really quite unique and interesting. I enjoy it quite a lot. I've also felt that the bitter aspect of the tea helps perk me up and seems to aid in digestion. I'm not sure if others will have the same experience, but I was quite happy with this.

As a note, I'm typically pretty sensitive to caffeine and I didn't find this tea to be very strong. Others might have a different experience, but to me, this was comparable to a green tea or oolong in regards to its effect. At first, it's lightly energizing, later, it's lightly calming. Others might have a different experience, but this was my own impression after quite a few different brewing sessions.

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Plowboy wrote:
on August 25th, 2017

That's a useful review. Thanks.

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