Approval of Ratings & Accounts

In order to maintain the integrity of our ratings, we screen the first few reviews submitted by new users. You can see your own reviews even before they are approved; once approved, the reviews will be viewable by everyone.

Once you have written a few reviews that have been approved, your account will be approved. This means:

Are you an established blogger?

If you already have a blog (including a Tumblr), we will approve your account ASAP even before you have written any reviews on our account. Simply sign up and add a link to your tea blog in your profile.

What do I need to do to be approved?

Write honest reviews and ratings and you will be approved very quickly! We welcome differences of opinion, and no experience or knowledge of tea other than drinking it is necessary to start reviewing teas.

However, we will delete ratings, reviews, and accounts that violate our terms of use. Some examples of such violations include:

We regret that we currently only support English-language reviews.