Top 10 Most Rated & Reviewed Teas

These are the most-often-rated teas, not necessarily the best or most popular. Teas from larger companies are more likely to appear in this list because they are more widely available. A better measure of the best or most popular teas would be our list of highest rated teas.

1No image of this teaEarl GreyTwinings# Reviews: 35%: 68
2No image of this teaBlack TeaLipton Tea# Reviews: 28%: 26
3No image of this teaPG Tips Pyramid bagsPG Tips# Reviews: 24%: 47
4No image of this teaIrish BreakfastTwinings# Reviews: 22%: 62
5No image of this teaLady GreyTwinings# Reviews: 21%: 69
6No image of this teaEarl GreyBigelow Tea# Reviews: 20%: 70
7No image of this teaEnglish BreakfastTwinings# Reviews: 17%: 51
8No image of this teaAssamTwo Leaves Tea# Reviews: 15%: 75
9No image of this teaSleepytime® Herbal TeaCelestial Seasonings# Reviews: 14%: 77
10No image of this teaBlack Cherry Berry Herb TeaCelestial Seasonings# Reviews: 14%: 86

This list is updated continuously, whenever a new tea review is submitted. We may make this list longer as we obtain more data.

Top 10 Most Rated & Reviewed Loose Teas

1No image of this teaGolden Monkey Black TeaTeavana# Reviews: 9%: 39
2No image of this teaMonkey Picked Oolong TeaTeavana# Reviews: 9%: 67
3No image of this teaEmperor's Clouds and Mist Green TeaTeavana# Reviews: 8%: 83
4No image of this teaCeylon (Ceylon Orange Pekoe)Ahmad Tea# Reviews: 8%: 89
5Picture of Irish BreakfastIrish BreakfastAdagio Teas# Reviews: 8%: 63
6Picture of Premium Grade Dragon Well Green Tea (Long Jing)Premium Grade Dragon Well Green Tea (Long Jing)TeaVivre# Reviews: 7%: 88
7No image of this teaDragon Pearl JasmineHarney and Sons# Reviews: 7%: 96
8No image of this teaGyokuro Imperial Green TeaTeavana# Reviews: 7%: 95
9Picture of Peach Oolong (Peachy Oolong)Peach Oolong (Peachy Oolong)Adagio Teas# Reviews: 7%: 80
10Picture of Nonpareil Taiwan Li Shan Oolong TeaNonpareil Taiwan Li Shan Oolong TeaTeaVivre# Reviews: 6%: 92

Note that loose teas tend to be rated higher than tea bags, but tend to receive fewer ratings.

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