About RateTea

RateTea is a website where anyone, not just connoisseurs, can rate and review teas.

It has also grown into the most massive and comprehensive repository of tea-related info on the web, with both a database of teas and an encyclopedia of tea-related topics.


• Sign up for a free account and begin rating teas immediately.

• All are welcome to provide honest reviews of any teas except those of a company they are associated with.


• RateTea is not affiliated with any tea company. We do not sell tea, and we do not receive any payments through affiliate programs from tea companies, although we do use affiliate programs from general retailers that do not own their own brands of tea.

• We strive to offer the most accurate information on tea available on the web.

Committed to Sustainability

• RateTea highlights tea companies actively promoting sustainability and encourages people to promote sustainability through their personal choices, including organic tea, fair trade, composting, and more.

The purpose of RateTea is to encourage people to develop their appreciation of tea and promote sustainability in the world of tea. RateTea was founded in 2009 by Alex Zorach, and is owned and managed through Merit Exchange LLC. RateTea launched to the public on Sep. 18, 2009.

Our database of teas

We keep a database of teas indexed by brand, style, and region. Although it is not the largest database on the web (Steepster currently has a larger database), to our knowledge it is the most detailed database available. Single-region teas are classified to the level of provinces, states, districts, or counties, when this information is available. Rather than classify teas broadly (black, green, etc.) we identify particular varieties of each of these broad classes of tea, both to help people discover the vast richness of tea traditions, and also so that teas can be compared against truly similar teas.

We also separate flavored teas from pure teas, with separate categories for each.

We are selective about which teas and companies we include; read more about brands and companies we do and don't list.

Our encyclopedia of tea topics

What started out as brief mini-articles on specific styles of tea and tea-producing regions in 2009 has now grown into a massive and detailed reference on tea.

You can find our articles in four different sections of our site, all accessible on the toolbar at the top: Regions will take you to articles on both major and esoteric tea-producing regions, with discussion of the history and traditions of tea production in each region, and the influence of climate and economic factors on tea production. Styles is where to find articles on specific varieties of tea, styles of tea blend, or herbs and herbal blends. Brands houses an article on each brand or tea company, and the remaining general topics on tea can be found under Articles.

We strive to keep our articles extensive and current; if you have a correction, addition, or a question that isn't addressed in our articles, please let us know!

Meet the people involved in RateTea

Alex's Face

Alex Zorach, Founder and Editor

Alex is the mastermind behind RateTea, and carries out the bulk of the programming and writing for the site. With an M.A. in statistics from Yale (2008), an M.S. in applied mathematics from U. Delaware (2007), and a B.A. from Oberlin College (2002), Alex brings both strong analytical tools and a healthy skepticism of numbers and data to their work on the site.

Alex is committed to sustainability in all aspects of life. In addition to RateTea, Alex also runs a YouTube channel where they talk about culture and ideas. They also work with ecological restoration, invasive plant removal, and native plant gardening. They also tutor in math and computer science at all levels. They have diverse experience in statistical consulting, operations research, management consulting, retail pricing, ecology, and accounting. In addition to their work here, Alex writes about politics, religion, economics, and other topics on Cazort.net and also on their blog of world-changing ideas.

Alex likes pure teas, especially black, green, and oolong teas, and drinks their tea unsweetened and without milk. Alex also likes herbal tea, and enjoys growing their own herbs and harvesting wild herbs.

Sylvia drinking from a mug

Sylvia Odhner, Former Associate Editor, Graphic Designer

Sylvia designed graphics for the site and helped to improve the site's look and feel, and also edited the informational articles on the site and helped to keep the site's extensive database of teas up-to-date.

Sylvia has a B.A. in Art and Psychology from Bryn Athyn College. She has created a number of webcomics, presently Don't Get Any Ideas. You can learn more about her services at SylviaOdhner.com.

Sylvia likes masala chai (spiced tea), and enjoys drinking her tea with cream.

Gretchen Spencer, Former Writer, Administrator

Gretchen has written and researched material for RateTea, and helped with random odds and ends, including managing the database of teas, and doing some work with the layout and HTML coding of the site. Gretchen also works as a freelance writer.

Gretchen has a B.A. from University of Delaware (2011) and is interested in web publishing. Her favorite style of tea is English Breakfast.

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