Styles, Varieties, and Types of Tea

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A style of tea is a type of tea. Read why we use this terminology. Some styles come from specific regions, like Assam or Ceylon, whereas others are defined by flavor or character, like English Breakfast, usually a blend of teas from different regions. Still others, like Tie Guan Yin, are defined by both a varietal of tea plant, and production method. We have a page on each style of tea, and we classify teas both by style and by region.

We also classify flavored teas and herbal teas into different styles. Styles of herbal teas can include individual types of herbs, or specific types of blends with a well-defined character, like a fruit herbal tea.

Major categories

Pure (Unflavored) Tea

Flavored Tea

Herbal Tea

List of All Styles, Varieties, and Types

RateTea lists tea, herbal tea, and other drinks that are prepared like tea by steeping in hot water. We do not list drinks that are prepared like coffee. You can read more about what we do and don't list on our site. If you have a suggestion about how to improve our classification scheme, please contact us.