China Fancy White Peony, Loose-leaf White Tea

Loose-leaf tea in a brass-colored scoop, with mix of silvery tips and pale green to olive-brown leavesView Full Resolution

This photo shows loose-leaf white peony tea in a metal scoop, probably being scooped out to sell in a tea shop. White peony is a somewhat delicate tea, with thin, but brittle leaves, and it can break easily when handled. This particular batch is mostly intact though.

Note the mix of different colors and textures in the leaf. The downy, silvery-white pieces are buds, a lot like silver needle, but there are also larger leaves in the mix. The less-oxidized leaves are light green in color, but there are also darker leaves showing more extensive oxidation, through a range of olive to dark brown colors.

This image is featured in our article on White Peony Tea.

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