New Server, New Rating System

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Our New, Faster Server

We are super excited to announce a successful move to a new server!

Our site has been growing a lot; in January we saw a record 67,000+ visits. Along with this, however, we had been seeing occasional slow-downs, with pages sometimes taking 10 or more seconds to load during the busiest times. What the new server means for you is that our site will be consistently faster and more responsive, especially during busier times when many people are viewing it. We hope most pages on our site will load almost instantly!

Another improvement we made on the new server is to add additional security to our domain and mail server settings. Hopefully this will also reduce the portion of our emails that had been marked as spam, a problem that some of our users have reported.

Screenshot of new rating systemA screenshot of the rating page.

New Rating System

Perhaps even more exciting than our new server is our new rating system! This system has been months in the works, and is in part a response to feedback we've received from a lot of users over the past few years. We hope this new system will make it easier and less intimidating to rate and review teas, and also make it a lot more fun!

How does it work?

Try it out here:


Go and explore, rate some teas, or tweak your old reviews!