Profile Pics & Linking to Tea Blogs

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
Tea Blog Link

Promote your tea blog!

At, we do not want to replace tea blogs or get people to stop writing longer reviews--quite to the contrary, we want to encourage bloggers to write more about tea, and to help people locate bloggers who write about tea. We have thus added a new feature allowing users to link their ratings to more detailed reviews on an external blog.

Blogs are organized so that newer material is more prominent. is organized in a different way, cross-indexing teas by brand, style, and region. Linking to your blog from reviews on can be a way to help people discover older posts on your blog that they might not otherwise find.

Don't have a tea blog?

Do you have a blog or website that is not primarily about tea? You can still feel free to write a tea review whenever you like, and link to it from your reviews.

Tea Bloggers on Twitter:

If you use twitter, you may find our twitter list of tea bloggers useful, whether you're a blogger yourself or just want to watch or join in on the conversation. If you do have a tea blog and you're not on the list, make sure to @-message us so that we can add you to this list.

Profile Pictures:

Also, if you notice from the screenshot on the right, we have added profile pictures. You can upload a picture or you can select an image from a list. We hope this will help make our site more personal and help people to quickly identify individual reviewers.