Tea: China Classic Oolong

An Oolong Tea from Foojoy

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Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of China Classic Oolong

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The Chinese name printed on the packaging for China Classic Oolong sheds some light on this tea. It reads as Fuzi Zhongguo Minnan Wulong Cha, or "Foojoy Chinese Minnan Wulong Tea." Here, Minnan refers to the southern region of Fujian province. Therefore, a more accurate English name for this tea, following the Chinese, would be something like "Southern Fujian Wulong Tea."

Now onto the tea itself. Upon pouring the water, it becomes clear that this is a dark wulong tea. The aroma is deep and rich, and the tea is a dark golden color with a reddish tint. The flavor of this tea is also rich and smooth, but not too smooth, with a hint of sweetness. This is definitely a dark wulong without particularly floral or sweet qualities. This tea is very comparable to Ten Ren's Tieguanyin, with a few differences: (1) the aroma of this tea is not so strong, (2) the flavor of this tea has less bitterness, and (3) this tea is a bit smoother. Overall, the qualities of this tea are simpler than those of the Ten Ren Tieguanyin, but the overall effect of this Foojoy tea is more consistent.

Update: I recently compared this tea against Ten Ren Oolong and Ten Ren's Tieguanyin teas, both also in tea bags. Although Ten Ren's Tieguanyin is quite strong and rich, I preferred the smoothness, slight sweetness, and some of the more subtle qualities of this tea. I would regard both teas as being fairly similar in quality, and both a step up from Ten Ren Oolong.

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