Tea: Guayusa Spice

A Flavored Guayusa from Runa - O Organic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Style:Flavored Guayusa
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Review of Guayusa Spice

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I was expecting this to taste a lot like Masala chai, and it didn't. The aroma is very gentle and soft, almost creamy...like rice pudding or oatmeal. There's a moderate amount of cinnamon, and it's a very soft type of cinnamon. I have to really focus to notice the lemongrass; I don't think I would have identified this blend as containing lemongrass if I had not known that it did.

The guayusa blends very well. Having already tried the pure (traditional) guayusa from Runa, I think I have a sense of what the guayusa tastes like, but even knowing that, I have trouble discerning which aspects of the aroma come from which ingredients.

Naturally quite sweet, but not too much so!

I found this blend to be very pleasant, and I would recommend it highly...just don't expect it to taste at all like chai. Still, I prefer the traditional guayusa, and I would prefer to buy it loose.

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