Tea: Tulsi - Indian Holy Basil

A Tulsi / Holy Basil from Maya Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Maya Tea
Style:Tulsi / Holy Basil
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Product page:Tulsi - Indian Holy Basil

Review of Tulsi - Indian Holy Basil

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This was recognizable as tulsi, but quite different from other sources of tulsi that I have sampled. Very interesting to sample!

It had much less clove in the aroma, but was still quite spicy, and was also very lemoney. The lemon in the aroma was what made this one stand out.

Flavor is relatively smooth...a little less bite than is typical for green-leaf tulsi, but more than some of the smoother red-leafed varieties I've tried.

Not my favorite tulsi, but interesting for variety. Very pricey, however. Upton Tea Imports has two varieties which are less expensive, and in my opinion, superior in flavor, as well as an organic offering of Vana tulsi, also less expensive.

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