Tea: Peppermint Guayusa

A Flavored Guayusa from Runa

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Peppermint Guayusa
Style:Flavored Guayusa
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Review of Peppermint Guayusa

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I actually thought this tea had a rather subdued peppermint presence, and I noticed the guayusa more than the mint, which is good. I did not think the two flavors blended particularly well with each other though...the mint seemed to obscure or cloud the Guayusa and vice versa.

The aroma was muddled, the flavor mild and also muddled. Not much bitterness; a very slight sweetness is all I really notice. Aftertaste is also heavily metallic, in a way that I found pure peppermint and pure guayusa is not.

That said, this was still relatively pleasant to drink. It's my least favorite of Runa's blends, but it's still perfectly drinkable.

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