Tea: Vienna

A Black Tea from The Foreign Office

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Vienna
Brand:The Foreign Office
Style:Black Tea
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Review of Vienna

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This tea was surprisingly interesting and complex for a tea bag. I brewed it for about 5 minutes, using only about 6 ounces of water, and it was just about the right strength. It produced a very dark cup, but a relatively clear quality.

Aroma is fresh, crisp, and almost peppery, but more like black pepper than other teas which have peppery qualities. Somewhat floral in quality too. Reminiscent of Russian blends, but without smokiness.

Becomes very bitter at the bottom of the cup though.

Although I prefer loose-leaf and would be uninclined to regularly buy tea bags like the ones offered by this company, this tea impressed me and I would definitely choose it over any of the mainstream tea bag brands. It's still a lot less smooth tasting than whole-leaf teas with a similarly complex aroma, though.

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