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A Tulsi / Holy Basil from Shanti Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Shanti Tea
Style:Tulsi / Holy Basil
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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This is the green leaf, or Rama Tulsi. I prefer the red-leaf, or Krishna tulsi, but this is actually my favorite example of the green-leafed variety that I've tried.

I find green tulsi can sometimes have a metallic quality, and this quality is thankfully greatly diminished in this sample. This tulsi is smoother and just a tad warmer, and less edgy. But it also has a slight skunky quality (which I like), almost reminiscent of some oolongs. It also has a slightly greater licorice or anise quality, tending slightly (only very slightly) in the direction of the vana tulsi (wild holy basil). Aroma is predominately clove, but the clove dominates much less than in other examples of green tulsi that I've sampled.

The differences are subtle, but I found this to be just a tad more complex and nuanced than any other pure green holy basil that I've sampled.

I also think the price is very good. My favorite tulsi, Upton's purple-leaf (Krishna) holy basil, is slightly cheaper, but this is organic certified and that one is not, and the price on this is only very slightly higher. If you prefer the green-leafed variety, or if organic matters to you, I would recommend this one.

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