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A Flavored Oolong from Shanti Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Shanti Tea
Style:Flavored Oolong
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I am very skeptical of flavored teas in general, but this is a flavored tea done well. It is not only completely unlike any orange-flavored tea I have tried up until this point, but it was impressive.

The base tea shows a large-leafed, dark oolong, and the aroma is of both tea and orange.

Upon brewing, there is a lot of orange in the aroma, and the orange character is more like orange peel, with a more spicy character than fruity, perhaps a few undertones of candied orange as well. The orange is strong but without being overpowering. The base tea really shows through in the flavor and aroma.

The base tea is a smooth but relatively dark-roast oolong. It is a lot like a classic Wuyi oolong, and somewhat like some of the traditional, darker-roast Anxi oolongs.

Both the base tea and citrus flavoring persist through multiple infusions. Quite rare in a blend like this, I found that the citrus flavoring actually persists longer than the tea itself, in contrast to most flavored blends where, after a couple infusions, the cup usually just tastes like a bland tea. Although I still would prefer pure teas, especially in this price range, I think this is a very well-executed blend; I find it takes great skill to produce a flavored tea that retains a balanced character through many infusions like this one.

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