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A Black Tea from Simpson & Vail

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Brand:Simpson & Vail
Style:Black Tea
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Dry leaf has a mild, but very pleasing aroma, surprisingly suggestive of sweetness.

The brewed cup has a lighter golden color, than one would expect from the dark color of the leaf. Flavor is smooth, with a honey-like sweetness, a pleasing crispness, and minimal astringency. Full-bodied yet with a cooling quality.

Aroma is mostly of fruit and nut with tones of rice, suggestive of a high-grown Ceylon. I agree with Marlena, not an exceptional tea, but very pleasing. Excellent for someone who wants a lighter black tea that is very different in character from Darjeeling or Kenyan teas. I found this tea to be more like a high-grown Ceylon than anything else, but it was still quite distinct.

It has been some time since I sampled another black tea from Vietnam, but this tea does strike me as quite similar. Upton's TV40 (now discontinued) shares the light character and mild overtones of spice with this tea. I found this tea to be fruitier, and I think I liked this one more, although only slightly.

Good price too!

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