Tea: White Tea Riesling

A Flavored White Tea from Vintage TeaWorks

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Vintage TeaWorks
Style:Flavored White Tea
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Review of White Tea Riesling

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I had the opportunity to sample this tea at World Tea East, and speak to this company's founder, Brandon Ford. I was not only impressed with the teas, but with how Brandon's description of each tea meshed with my experience of it--I find it hard to capture the qualities of tea in words, so that was impressive.

I found this blend to be sweet and very mild, with a strong fruity aroma, suggestive of stone fruit (apricot and peach). It was hard to tell where the tea ended and the flavoring began, which was a good quality.

I can't say much about steeping because this tea was prepared for me, but I was very impressed. I tend not to like flavored white teas at all, usually because the base tea is weak and completely overwhelmed by the flavoring. However, I thought this blend was an exception, and was very well-executed.

I'm not particularly knowledgeable about wine, but I will say that this tea did have a lot of wine-like qualities. It was more like a sweeter white wine, not quite suggestive of a dessert wine but tending in that direction. There was little sourness or bitterness, and the dominant aroma was fruitiness.

Don't take my 67/100 rating lightly--I normally can't stand sweeter-tending flavored white teas, and I also tend to be very harsh on blends in the higher end of the price range, so this one was really outstanding for me. As a pure tea enthusiast whose tastes tend towards bold and bitter qualities, that is somewhat of a big deal.

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