Tea: Superb Black Tea

A Black Tea from The Excellent Tea Company - F Fair Trade

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:The Excellent Tea Company
Style:Black Tea
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Review of Superb Black Tea

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The only tea I've ever tried from Rwanda: a humble teabag with finely-broken tea fannings.

Exceptionally strong and robust: this makes some Assam tea look weak! Good with milk and one of the few teas that I actually preferred this way. Brews a very dark blackish-brown cup, opaque, almost like black coffee. Yet less edgy than an Assam...smoother, and a bit muted.

The cup has a relatively flat aroma, but upon drinking, some interesting fruity tones come out. I found this tea tasted better once it had cooled and was lukewarm.

This tea was good for such a finely-broken, low grade in a paper tea bag, but it's still not on par with the higher-grade orthodox teas that I've seen come out of some African countries, especially Kenya. I would really love to see what this estate and this region could produce if they produced whole-leaf orthodox teas which I could brew up as loose-leaf.

Quite inexpensive too, given the fair trade certification and the fact that this is from such an unusual region!

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