Tea: Pomegranate White Tea

A Fruit White Tea from Trader Joe's

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Brand:Trader Joe's
Style:Fruit White Tea
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Review of Pomegranate White Tea

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It's been a while since I tried this so my review is from a fuzzy memory, but I remember this tea blend as being fleetingly fruity and not having much of a strong presence of the base tea at all. Tasted pretty low quality, but then I've been consistently underwhelmed by Trader Joe's teas, so this was not surprising.

I found Evan's comment interesting, and that was what sparked me to share this review of a tea I drank several times a long time ago.

I'm not a huge fan of hibiscus, and I dislike when a tea includes hibiscus as a main ingredient without including it in the name of the blend. Perhaps the marketers think casual tea drinkers will mistake hibiscus for pomegranate, because of the tangy quality and red color, but I'm not fooled. Yes, hibiscus tastes fruity, but no, it cannot be interchanged with generic red-colored fruits!

Cheap, but what is cheap if I don't like it? I'm especially hard on Trader Joe's for their tea selection...they have such high-quality goods in other areas, even coffee. And their tea remains, in my opinion, pretty far below the level of quality of their other products.

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