Tea: Luxury Blend Tea

A Black Tea from Chai Bora

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Brand:Chai Bora
Style:Black Tea
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Love this tea. Went to Tanzania for one month and drank only this tea.
I got some tea bag to bring home but I'm running out :(

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on February 10th, 2014

Hi, and welcome to RateTea, and thanks for your review! I don't know where you're located...but I've never seen this for sale in the US, and I think it's not widely available anywhere in Western countries, so you may be out of luck. I tried it when someone who had brought some back after travelling, and had left a box of it in the International Studies Center at Franklin and Marshall college...that was the only time I was able to sample it.

There are some other good sources of Tanzanian tea, however, if you're willing to brew loose-leaf. I've had good black teas from Upton Tea Imports and Teas Etc. One of them, TK18: Livingstonia Estate GFBOP from Upton, was pretty exceptional.

I've become a huge fan of African teas, including ones from Tanzania, as well as Kenya and Malawi ...I definitely recommend looking into some of the loose-leaf ones available.

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