Tea: Yerba Mate, Loose

A Yerba Maté from Wegmans

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Style:Yerba Maté
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I was not impressed by this Yerba mate. I'm no expert in Mate but I've tried a variety of sources, green and roasted, and this one is probably the worst I've tried of all the green yerba mate I've sampled.

The dry leaf is very finely broken, full of fine dust, which makes brewing quite messy. Not particularly aromatic.

When brewed, it's very mild and bland, with some unpleasant qualities. A slight sweetness in the flavor, but not something I like.

My favorite green mate is from Upton Tea Imports, and I've had good roasted mate from a variety of sources.

Disappointing given how I've been consistently impressed with Wegmans' loose-leaf tea offerings.

This stuff is dirt cheap compared to tea (I bought this for $9 a pound), so I think Wegmans would do better to locate a better source or buy a better quality of mate. It's organic certified, but that means nothing to me if I don't actually want to drink it.

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