Tea: Organic Breakfast Blend Tea

A Black Tea from Stash Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Stash Tea
Style:Black Tea
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Review of Organic Breakfast Blend Tea

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PoorMediocreNot Worth Paying For

I thought this tea was quite bad, certainly below average for Stash's offerings. I would not buy it and would not drink it again. This is the worst tea I've tried from Stash, a company that I know is capable of selling much higher-quality tea, even in tea bags.

This tea was very unpleasantly bitter, and had a harsh sort of astringency. The aroma was flat, and not pleasing.

It's also pricey. There's such good fair trade tea out there; I've had good black teas from Numi, Rishi, Arbor Teas, even a few in tea bags. I know Stash is capable of better and I'd call on them to re-examine this blend. The tea I sampled was far below the quality of even standard store brands like Lipton. It was a sealed bag and had been purchased pretty recently, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't just a freshness issue.

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