Tea: Coconut Oolong

A Flavored Oolong from Spice and Tea Exchange

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Brand:Spice and Tea Exchange
Style:Flavored Oolong
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Review of Coconut Oolong

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This is very interesting tea. The only coconut tea I had been exposed to prior to this one was the "Zingiber Ginger Coconut Rooibos Tea" from Teavanna. In that tea, the coconut gives it a very smooth flavor, but the tea itself doesn't taste particularly like coconut as much as it just tastes sweet. This tea, on the other hand definitely and distinctly tastes like coconut. It also, however, has a very grassy taste from the oolong. Overall, it kind of reminded me of sitting out on a beach wearing a grass skirt, and drinking from a coconut. The biggest disappointment to me was the smell of the tea. The leaves themselves smell like the coconut flavoring and therefore have a very strong sweet smell that I loved. I was disappointed upon brewing the tea, that it smelled like the base oolong tea. It still had a nice aroma, but I was disappointed that it did not have the aroma I was expecting. The price was comparable to a Teavanna tea. It is rather expensive, but then again, I bought it while on vacation, and I thought it was a very interesting tea for the money.

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