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A Hojicha from Eden Organic - O Organic

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I tried this one in the dining hall at Haverford college; yay.

This is a roasted kukicha, making it both hojicha and kukicha, and I think it's dark roasted enough that it is more like typical hojicha than typical (green) kukicha or twig tea. It also contains quite a lot of leaf, not just twig, again making it more like typical hojicha than kukicha.

It has a very bold, crisp flavor, bitter and almost tastes more like fresh green tea than other teas with this dark a roast. The dark color and roasty aroma is typical for roasted tea.

I found this very enjoyable, for being a humble tea bag. It's also quite affordable for an organic-certified tea bag. While I'm still a die-hard loose-leaf advocate, I think this offers much better value than most of the mainstream brands of organic tea bags.

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