Tea: Black Tea (Regular / Original)

A Black Tea from Dunkin Donuts

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Dunkin Donuts
Style:Black Tea
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Review of Black Tea (Regular / Original)

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I've had this tea quite a few times and it is surprisingly good for what it is, as well as being surprisingly versatile.

Not really a typical breakfast tea...I don't know what teas go into this blend, but it shares some characteristics with Darjeeling teas and other smoother teas, and doesn't seem much like a typical Assam or Ceylon. There's a sweetness in the finish that I normally only encounter with higher-grade Darjeeling or oolongs. I think this tea's nuance is actually held back by the fact that it's typically served in cheap paper or styrofoam cups. I once poured it into a ceramic mug when I got to someone's house, and it was like it came out of its shell and started to taste like real tea!

I find when I steep this 3-5 minutes, it gets quite strong and bitter, but if I steep for only 1-2 minutes, it is still quite flavorful and has a lighter character, which is often the way I want to drink this tea.

There isn't much astringency either. If you brew this tea strong, I find it becomes more bitter than astringent, which I like.

The price, at least if you buy it by the box, is steep, and I think not worth paying for. Suggested retail is $6 for 20 tea bags, which I think is a rip off even if this is above average for a tea bag. The price of a cup of hot tea though in a typical Dunkin? For tea of this quality? Well worth it I'd say.

This is several steps up from Lipton and other low-end tea bags, at least to someone with my taste in tea.

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