Tea: Breakfast Special - Christmas Blend

A Black Tea from Timothy's

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Short summary: ugh, terrible, among the worst teas I've ever sampled. I am giving it the lowest possible rating.

Kelsey gave me this tea to sample, and it was a gift to her. I was unable to find much information online about this brand or company. This bag had text on it suggesting that it was a flavored tea, but I'm pretty sure it's just pure black tea--I don't sense any other flavorings.

This tastes like a run-of-the-mill black breakfast teas, perhaps slightly less bitter than Lipton, but blander. It is also excessively astringent. Like, brewing for 2 minutes, it is mouth-puckeringly astringent, like an unripe persimmon.

Milk doesn't even salvage it. I poured it out, and I think this may have a special place in the halls of infamy, in my mind, as one of the worst tea bags I've ever tried.

I also am giving this tea an even lower-than-I would rating because I find it annoying that I can't find much information on this brand online, and I can find absolutely zero info on the teas themselves. I don't know if this was a drop-and-run private label brand, using low-quality tea to make a fast buck for the holiday, but that's my sneaking suspicion.

My recommendation: definitely avoid this one.

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