Review of Brahmin (Brahmin's Choice)

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Served at the Lancaster County Coffee Roasters stand at the Lancaster Central Market. I had been wanting to try this company's teas for some time, and I am impressed.

I steeped this a little less than the recommended five minutes. Brewed up a clear liquor with a clean, fresh taste. Very bold flavor, but smooth. Not quite as full-bodied as some breakfast teas. Also seemed quite caffeinated--although I would have liked a richer cup, I did not want to steep any longer because of the caffeine. Other people might like this though. Potent as a breakfast wake-me-up.

There is a lot going on in the aroma: fruity and malty tones dominate. There is a slight smokiness, and the finish has tones of caramel. A blend of warming and cooling qualities.

I walked with this cup in the brisk winter air, and it cooled as I walked--it was quite pleasant both when steaming hot, and when it had cooled to about room temperature. I think this would probably also make an excellent iced tea.

Excellent tea, but very pricey. I would not buy this at the list price which works out to be $1 per sachet. It was fine when purchasing at a coffee stand, however. I think the price on loose-leaf is much more reasonable...4 ounces for $10 is quite a good price for tea of this quality, and this leads to a much better cost-per-cup.

I look forward to trying more of Steven Smith's teas. So far I am impressed.

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