Tea: Blood Orange

A Fruit White Tea from Octavia Tea

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Brand:Octavia Tea
Style:Fruit White Tea
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A relatively mellow, medium-bodied orange-flavored tea, medium in color, and fairly middle-of-the-road in flavor. To be fair, I tend not to like flavored teas; I tried this one more out of curiosity.

Aroma is of orange and autumn leaves, with a hint of hay or straw. Flavor has a light bitterness, and light sourness as well. Light color, medium-bodied, with a slight astringency. Upon drinking most of the cup, there's a muted bitterness that emerges.

Blood Orange is one of my favorite fruits, but often, when tea or other drinks are flavored with blood orange, they just taste like orange to me. This is no exception: I'm not getting the raspberry tones that I get in the actual fruit...and I've been eating blood oranges a few times a day every day for the past few weeks, as they're in season now. Good blood oranges have a deep black-raspberry flavor, and I'm not sensing that at all in this blend.

I thought this tea was expensive for what it was. In general, I'm more impressed with Octavia's pure teas than flavored teas. The leaf was pretty finely broken--I don't know if this is an artifact of the small sample bag it was in--but it was not at all like the picture, which shows more intact leaves.

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