Tea: White Peony King

A White Peony Tea from Shang Tea

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Brand:Shang Tea
Style:White Peony Tea
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of White Peony King

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The aroma is quite mild evoking fresh vegetation and early springtime with a hint of floral. Brewed the leaves have the aroma of minerals, vegetation, and sage. The liquid also has notes of sage and smells incredibly clean.

The taste is mild (I have used that word a lot with this tea!) and a bit citrusy. There are hints of sage and minerals with just a tiny wisp of copper at the midtaste. There is a subtle underlying sweetness like a splash of honey that rests just underneath all the other flavors. The tea leaves my mouth feeling clean and refreshed, it is quite lovely. I fell like with each sip you can taste the clean soil and water used to grow the tea plants. This is not the most spectacular white tea I have ever had, but it does have a wonderfully clean feeling that most other White Peony (or Bai Mu Dan) teas do not seem to have.

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