Review of Pomegranate White Tea

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I just ate a wonderful eggplant dish with pomegranate seeds last night at an Uzbek restaurant in NE Philly, so the flavor of pomegranate is fresh in my mind.

I do smell the pomegranate aroma in this tea, actually a little more in the dry tea bag, and a little less once it's brewed. But when drinking, what I mainly get is a bold sourness...which suggests cranberry more than pomegranate. Pomegranate itself is only slightly tangy, and sweet to balance.

I don't taste much of the base tea. Tastes flat...a lot like any blend of a little bit of hibiscus or some tangy ingredient with fruit flavoring, with a weak or non-descript base tea.

There are some unpleasant tones in the aroma too. Overall, just not impressive, and I would not try it again.

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