Tea: Yi Fu Chun

A Black Tea from Yezi Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Yezi Tea
Style:Black Tea
Region:Fujian, China
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I originally had the review for this tea under Yezi's Jin Jun Mei, which is obviously incorrect. I am putting it in its proper place, as well as making an update.

Round 1: This tea has a lovely malty flavor. I wish I could pick out some additional aromas or flavors, but alas, I cannot.

I steeped this at 205 degrees for 5 minutes. I also did a 2nd steeping for 6 min. I wish this tea was a little sweeter, but it was good. The second steeping had less maltiness and tasted more like plain tea.

Next time, I may add a teensy bit of sugar, just to see how that goes.

Round 2: I brewed 1 tsp in 3 oz of 202 degree water using very short steepings. The first was 30 then another 30, then 40.

I could barely smell or taste the maltiness from the first round. Instead, the tea smelled more grassy, and I was also picking up the scent of popcorn.

The flavor was good, but I actually preferred the stronger malty flavors from the first round.

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