Review of Todays Special Organic Ooo-long Tea With Plum (Oolong)

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The tea bag has an interesting smell that reminds me of the inside of a used furniture the smell of old upholstery with a hint of potpourri.

Upon brewing, a little muddled smelling and tasting. The flavoring is subtle, not overwhelming, and seems to blend well with the base tea. My problem is that the base tea seems rather low quality. The leaf is finely broken and the total effect is like a typical, generic oolong of low quality, sort of like the low end of what I've tended to get served in Chinese-American restaurants.

I find the cup tastes better when cooled to room temperature, but I still dislike the base is a bit harsh, somewhat bitter and astringent, in ways that I don't like.

I appreciate that the flavoring was not overdone, and was well-chosen to pair with oolong, but I think this tea would be a lot better if the base tea were higher quality. As it is I probably would not recommend it and would not drink it again.

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