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A Green Tea from Just.Organic.Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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The aroma of this tea is very faint, the leaves have a slightly vegetal and leafy aroma and that is all. What little aroma there is in the leaves is certainly a classic green tea.

The taste of the tea is probably the most 'green' green tea I have ever had. That probably needs some explanation, when I say it tastes like a green tea...not any specific tea, no sencha or bi luo chun, just a generic green tea...this is exactly what comes to mind. A mild vegetal taste with a hint of citrus and a very faint hint of smoke at the finish. Add a little sugar or honey and it brings out latent fruity notes, let is chill and you get a really refreshing vegetation notes. This tea is solid, I would recommend it if you are wanting to take baby steps into the world or green tea, or if you want a good green for making iced tea.

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