Review of Charleston Breakfast Loose Tea

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A light-bodied, smooth-flavored tea which was pleasant to drink.

Thank you to Nikki and Korbett for bringing this one to me from Charleston! I expected this to be more of a novelty, but it was surprisingly good quality!

Dry leaf is coarse and looks mechanically processed, but with bigger, more intact leaf pieces than most CTC tea. Before brewing, the leaf isn't very aromatic.

Brewed up, produces a rich, full-bodied cup with a smooth, somewhat muted flavor.

The aroma is quite pleasant, fruity and with a fairly strong presence of wintergreen tones, which I think is a hallmark of a high-quality tea. The finish has a few spicy tones, faintly suggestive of cinnamon. There are a few tones in the aroma that are slightly "off" to me, but they're not dominating, so the overall effect was enjoyable. There is very little bitterness or sourness, and only a light astringency. This tea can be brewed very strongly without it being overly strong.

Good tea. A high price for tea of this quality (2.3 ounces for $10) but that's to be expected given that it's produced in the US. I recommend trying this, not just as a novelty item but because it's actually pretty good tea.

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