Tea: Earl Grey Green Tea

An Earl Grey Green Tea from Bentley's Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Bentley's Tea
Style:Earl Grey Green Tea
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Review of Earl Grey Green Tea

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I like the idea of this tea a bit better than the execution, in this case. I'm not generally a fan of black teas, but bergamot is a nice flavor, so with the right green tea and done well, I bet that it would be lovely. Here, it was a bit too easy to overbrew the tea. The directions advise 2-4 minutes, but that's far too long. Leaving the bag in for more than a minute results in a somewhat bitter cup--which surprised me. A longer brew produced an even more bitter cup. My favorite brewing was the third time precisely because I didn't let it brew very long.

If you like bergamot, this is a variation on Earl Grey that's worth trying. Just make sure that you keep the brew time short, not only with the first cup but also with later brewings. It diffuses quite quickly, so that shouldn't result in a weak cup.

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