Tea: Rose Mojito

A Flavored White Tea from The Persimmon Tree - O Organic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:The Persimmon Tree
Style:Flavored White Tea
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Review of Rose Mojito

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The aroma of this very flowery pile of leaves is quite interesting, a blend of roses, mint, lavender, and a finish of green vegetation. The leaves smell like late spring time and nature, it reminds me of the smell of my mother's garden as I grew up, I love it!

Usually with a tea like this I would say something like 'this tea is not for you if you don't like mint or flowers' but I am tossing that warning out the window. At first you taste a touch of lettuce and sage, this fades to floral and lastly mint. None of the notes overpower each other, they blend together in a really wonderful way. As the tea cools it gets a bit of a subtle sweetness, which makes me suspect that this tea could be quite tasty iced in the hot months. On a whim I made a cup of this tea for Ben, who notoriously hates mint and rarely likes roses, turns out he really enjoyed it, so if that is not a point in this tea's favor I don't know what is. New favorite achieved!

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