Tea: Blueberry White

A Flavored White Tea from Simple Loose Leaf

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Blueberry White
Brand:Simple Loose Leaf
Style:Flavored White Tea
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Review of Blueberry White

8 of 104 of 54 of 580 of 100
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was greeted with a potent blueberry aroma similar to blueberry jam, it is intensely sweet. Under this strong blueberry aroma there is a nice leafy green, like fresh vegetation and lettuce.

The taste is surprisingly gentle and delicate, I was expecting an explosion of blueberries, instead we have a gentle caress of Shou Mei. The taste starts out a blend of fresh vegetation, lettuce, and a touch of earthiness. This transitions to slightly peppery blueberries, but it is like someone squeezed some blueberry juice in my white tea, or I just ate blueberries and then drank some white tea. As the tea chills it takes on a bit of a sage taste to it which goes really well with the blueberries. Absolutely yum!

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