Tea: Klassik

A Black Tea from Meßmer (Messmer)

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Brand:Meßmer (Messmer)
Style:Black Tea
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One of the many teas I tried on my recent trip in Germany. A weak tea bag that was somewhat underwhelming, but that had some interesting complexity lurking in there. I'd be curious to try a loose-leaf version of this tea, and use more leaf, because I can see it producing much better results.

Aroma is weak but rather complex, suggesting spice, particularly nutmeg and cinnamon, and lightly smoky. Flavor is savory and slightly sour. Suggestive of Yunnan teas, with a lightly peppery finish.

Overall experience though is not great...flat tasting. Checked the price and I think it's overpriced relative to the quality--especially given Meßmer's loose teas, which are much cheaper per cup, widely available (in Germany), and much more tasty.

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