Tea: White Ginger Pear

A Fruit White Tea from Tea Forte

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Brand:Tea Forte
Style:Fruit White Tea
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Review of White Ginger Pear

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The tea bag has pretty broken pieces of leaf. Brews up a hazy greenish-colored cup.

The pear aroma is just the right strength, and blends well with the base tea. I don't notice the ginger much at all. Ginger is a strong flavor and I expect it to add a bit of edge or spiciness, as well as warmth, and I sense none of that.

Flavor is naturally sweet, even without adding anything, and has almost no bitterness. Finish is very smooth. The one thing I don't like about this blend is that the pear flavoring tastes somewhat artificial, especially in the finish, more like pear-flavored candy than actual fruit.

If I were reworking this blend I'd use a stronger-flavored tea and more ginger, and I'd do something to get the pear flavoring more natural.

Relatively pleasant drinking, but not something I'd choose on my own, and expensive for what it is.

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