Tea: Royal Tea

A Green Tea from Newman's Own Organics - O Organic

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Brand:Newman's Own Organics
Style:Green Tea
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Review of Royal Tea

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Thanks Brytta for this one! A flat tea bag, filled with broken-leaf tea. I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The aroma is pretty flat, but there are some hints of cinnamon, and some light herbaceous notes. Flavor is clean and crisp, a light bitterness, and not much sweetness or sourness. The main thing that this tea has going for it is that it lacks objectionable qualities.

This tea is very, very cheap for an organic tea. It is pretty low quality though, so I won't say it represents a bargain. I would normally expect something higher end out of the Newman's Own brand--I associate them with higher-priced, higher-quality products, and was surprised to try this tea and find it was neither.

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