Tea: White Pomegranate Tea

A Fruit White Tea from Revolution Tea

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Brand:Revolution Tea
Style:Fruit White Tea
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Not quite a new favorite, but solid. The fruity scent is quite nice. Though I think I'd prefer this with a different base tea, brewed well and kept hot this tea can be refreshing. People who like flavored white teas should certainly try this one.

I like that this tea comes with a ziplock bag inside so that you can easily preserve the flavor of the tea and so that it doesn't have the waste associated with putting packaging around every bag.

Update: Adding a little bit of sugar helps this tea, but overall it's still not dazzling. I'm curious what others would think of this one.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on November 11th, 2014

I've tried quite a few flavored white teas and my experience with them has been disappointing pretty much across the board.

White tea tends to be very expensive--unlike with green and black teas, there aren't many options of good-quality but cheap white tea on the market, and I think that companies tend to use cheaper teas in most of their flavored teas, so this may explain the trend you've noticed.

So far my favorite white teas have all been pure (unflavored) teas...ironically though, I often like the lower grades, which are cheaper, things like shou mei, and sometimes white peony...but I'm a huge fan of shou mei. It's dark in color. I can see it blending well with some flavorings too, especially things like plum or peach, or even caramel. I think companies don't tend to use shou mei and other darker white teas as a base for flavored teas marketed as "white tea" in large part because their flavor and aromatic profile are more like an oolong or even a black tea than like other white teas or green tea.

Brytta Sóþword wrote:
on November 11th, 2014

Cool, good to be aware of. I'll have to try out a few pure white teas--I'm not sure I've actually done that yet. Thanks for the feedback!

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