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A Fruit White Tea from Octavia Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Octavia Tea
Style:Fruit White Tea
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A very good example of a type of flavored tea that I tend not to like. Sampled at Velvet Sky Bakery in Jenkintown.

The dry leaf of this tea was pretty finely broken, not like pictured in the beautiful picture.

This tea has an intense strawberry aroma, which I find cloying. It is, however, very natural, smelling a lot like cooked strawberries or strawberry jam (more so than fresh strawberries).

Surprisingly to me, the base tea is strongly evident in both the aroma and flavor, even under the strawberry flavoring. The flavor is ever-so-slightly more sour than normal for a white tea, but I found it pleasant. I see they added a hint of hibiscus.

I was able to brew a second cup with ease, and it had a very different character. The strawberry aroma was mostly gone, there was only a hint of it left, and the cup tasted a lot like a typical pai mu tan, or white peony white tea, of good quality. I liked this second cup much better.

I think this tea does use a high-quality base tea, and I do think the flavoring has a very natural character.

This is a type of tea I don't tend to like very much, but I think it was high-quality and well-executed for what it was. I probably would not choose to drink it on its own, but I recommend it if you really want a strawberry-flavored white tea as this is the best fruit-flavored white teas that I've tried yet.

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